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Duration of the Course & Number of Semesters

The courses of B. Pharm. (Hons.) program are offered in 4 (four) academic years. Each academic year is divided into TWO six-monthly Semesters. Thus there are a total of 8 (eight) semesters.

In each Academic year there are two semesters namely, Spring semester (January to June) and Fall semester (July to December). Each semester consists of 18 weeks of class lectures and practical exercises, 2 weeks of preparation period and 4 weeks of Mid-Term and Semester-Final examinations.

The first year introduces the profession and subject matters of Pharmacy and the principles of drug designing and disease management. Courses at this level cover introductory physiology, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical chemistry and some relevant non-pharmacy courses.

Students will study the more complex aspects of pharmacy in the second year, including aspects of phytochemistry, human physiology, pathology, pharmacology and microbiology. Pharmaceutics and formulation of dosage forms will also be covered. The third year courses emphasize on the development of skills in industrial processes of manufacturing & formulation technology, drug analysis; medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical biotechnology together with aspects of the Law and ethical issues in Pharmacy. This will also encompass relevant aspects of toxicology and therapeutics, hospital and community pharmacy practices.

The fourth (final) year is primarily devoted to carry out advanced studies on medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical technology & analysis, bio-pharmaceutics & pharmacokinetics. Topics on key developments in professional practice and the wider role of pharmacists in patient care. Courses on identifying and responding to symptoms, monitoring of disease and appropriate drug interventions, cosmetology, agro-vet pharmacy, food & nutrition will be covered. At this level students will also carry out Research projects to prepare for employment and for higher studies.