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The Courses and the Syllabus of the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.) Degree offered by the Department of Pharmacy, Primeasia University has been prepared in accordance with the Guidelines of the University Grants Commission and the Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh, 2017.

Bachelor of Pharmacy is a four-year professional degree course, which includes theoretical courses, practical exercises, project works, field works, research works and industrial and hospital trainings.

The principal aims of the Bachelor of Pharmacy Program at Primeasia University are: (i) to prepare students as skilled and knowledgeable pharmacy professionals; (ii) to impart scientific knowledge for the identification, formulation, preparation, standardization, quality control of drugs and medicines and management of their sale and distribution; (iii) to create adequate awareness among them about their responsibilities and uniqueness in the society, in pharmaceutical industry, in hospital & community pharmacy, and (iv) to make them aware of the legal and ethical aspects of the pharmacy profession. On completion of the courses, students will acquire coordinated understanding, comprehensive knowledge and expertise in all fields of Pharmacy practice.










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The courses of B. Pharm. (Hons.) program are offered in 4 (four) academic years. Each academic year is divided into TWO six-monthly Semesters. Thus there are a total of 8 (eight) semesters. In each Academic year there are two semesters namely, Spring semester (January to June) and Fall semester (July to December). Each semester consists of 18 weeks of class lectures and practical exercises, 2 weeks of preparation period and 4 weeks of Mid-Term and Semester-Final examinations. The first year introduces the profession and subject matters of Pharmacy and the principles of drug designing and disease management. Courses at this level cover introductory physiology, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical chemistry and some relevant non-pharmacy courses.

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Student Facility

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  • Congenial environment with plenty of open space for rest & recreation.
  • Health Insurance coverge upto Tk. 2.5-5.0 lac per student per year.
  • AC Class rooms equipped with modern audio-visual equipment.
  • Common room, prayer room, Cafeteria and Food court.
  • Wifi Facility is available in entire campus.
  • Total Campus area is about 1,38,000 sqft.
  • Entire Campus is covered by CCTV.

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Performance & Award

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The degree of Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.) will be conferred by the university when a student will satisfactorily complete all the required courses offered to him/her in eight semesters over the period of FOUR Academic years. The performance of a student will be evaluated on the basis of Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). To obtain a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) Degree from the Department of Pharmacy, Primeasia University, a student must successfully complete a total of 160 Credits and will require to score a CGPA of 2.5 or a higher CGPA. Students can make up deficiencies in GPA and credit requirements by completing additional or backlog courseswith better grades, which should not be more than 65-69% (letter Grade B+).

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