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Pharmacy Department of Primeasia University started offering Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.) and Master of Pharmacy courses in 2005 with necessary approval of the University Grants Commission, Govt. of Bangladesh and accreditation of Bangladesh Pharmacy Council. The principal aim of establishing this Department was

  1. (i) to make it a model professional institution for producing good quality B. Pharm. (Hons.) and M. Pharm. graduates and
  2. (ii) to equip the students with all ethical requirements and technical know-how of the profession so that they can practice as skilled and competent pharmacists both at home and abroad in any field of the Pharmacy profession. Since its establishment the Department has been pursuing hard to achieve those goals by
  3. (i) equipping the department with all necessary Classroom, Laboratory and Library facilities and
  4. (ii) providing the students with modern and broad-based education in pharmaceutical sciences and preparing them as well-trained pharmacy professionals to meet the needs of the Pharmacy profession as practiced all over the world.
  5. These efforts yielded good results: the department is now ranked as one of the best quality Pharmacy Departments in the country. Our vision is to continue our efforts to sustain and further improve its quality by recruiting more highly qualified teachers and equipping the laboratories with more facilities and instruments.