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Student Activities

The university has different clubs like academic, social, cultural, athletic etc. The Law Department has various clubs, societies and forums like mooting, debates, extra-curricular activities, research works, journals, law magazines etc of its own. There are different clubs for running the student activities. The clubs are very much active and we have different activities throughout the year for engaging students in interpersonal social and leadership skills. All students are encouraged to enroll themselves in at least one club or forum of their interest in various options.


Primeasia Debating Society is one of the best in the country. We won national championship several times in university level competitions. The students from law department are also an important part of these victories. They expend their times in practicing themselves regularly on different recent topics of severe importance nationally and globally. We ourselves arrange debate competitions to nurture the students and invite different universities as well in direct combat. Regular workshops are held in the premises. Best debaters of the country attend these as the trainers in order to share their experience from which our students learn a great deal.

Journal Publication

The department publishes law journal each year. Research articles and papers of the students and faculties are generally published in it. The name of the journal is ‘The Primeasia Law Review’. Papers from different academicians are also encouraged in here. This gives our students a chance to apply their legal knowledge and rehearse their writing skills.

Social Awareness Activities

The students collect various funds for the people in need and also arrange different programs e.g. concerts for people who need economical help. They always come forward in these purposes. Whenever important social issues come up, the discussions are held over it.


Seminar series and regular symposiums are organized every month in various recent topics of importance for the students. These are also voluntarily organized by the students and the faculties. Distinguished academicians and practitioners are invited as the speakers. Personnel like Dr. Kamal Hossain, Barrister Amirul Islam, Dr. Shahdeen Malik, Dr. Mizanur Rahman and many others have visited the campus for the programs.

Cultural Society

The cultural society of PAU is very much active and voluntarily organizes different cultural programs for different occasions like Fresher’s Reception, Pohela Baishakh, Ekushey February, Independence Day, Victory Day etc. Our students are very much engaged in these activities and play different roles in these functions.